We help food & restaurant brands achieve extraordinary success via our strong brand leadership and powerful branded experiences.
CASE STUDY: Escabeche Mexican Grill.
Our strong brand leadership made Escabeche Mexican Grill successful. We didn't just design their branding, we eliminated their competition altogether by radical differentiation (Blue Ocean).
Archimedes Branding was hired to solve complex business problems: The business concept not differentiated from the competition. How can we help make the business profitable and sustainable in a highly saturated market? Plus, we had to work within a bad brick-and-mortar location that was hard to find. Would it be possible to also craft a franchise-able brand to attract VC interest and funding?

We analyzed the market landscape to uncover insights and opportunities. We re-framed the problems and thru our ARCH Brand Strategy Framework we guided the restaurant owners in crafting the company Vision, Mission and Positioning Statements to define a clear strategic direction. We crafted a highly differentiated Unique Value Proposition, an inspiring Brand Idea, defined the proper Brand Attributes, and helped with on-brand ideation for Naming and the Brand-line, defined the appropriate Marketing Mix, crafted an in-dep the Brand Identity, and defined the necessary Brand Architecture. We also consulted on Marketing Strategies, strategically designed and printed all branded collateral and promotional materials, defined Brand Standards for consistent delivery of the brand experience at all interaction touchpoints, crafted on-brand interior design and dec or, and identified KPI’s to measure. This virtually eliminated the competition by elevating Escabeche to an entirely different category than its competitors, a fast-casual establishment offering unusually fresh, light, guilt-free, and socially responsible artisanal Mexican food in a modern contemporary atmosphere + the option to have catering.

Their audience fell in love! Escabeche Mexican Grill quickly became a beloved brand, so much so that their bad location became a non-issue, maintaining a consistent 4.5 of 5 star rating. They were featured on TV by professional food critics on PBS’s “Let’s Dine Out” and featured in prominent media articles in The San Bernadino Sun with very positive reviews. They were quickly nominated "Best in Class" for "Best Mexican Restaurant" in the entire Los Angeles Metropolitan Area (which is huge). All KPI's were surpassed, from traffic to revenue. A loyal following was built up and regularly giving their patronage and support in person and via social media. Investor support came in organically shortly afterwards. After many years of continued success, Escabeche added high-end catering services and has focused on catering exclusively to the Hollywood music and film industry.


- Brand Strategy
- Core Competencies
- Vision Statement
- Mission Statement
- Blue Ocean Strategy
- Positioning
- Messaging
- Marketing Mix
- Menu Development (concept, taste, presentation, price)
- Pricing Strategy (overall)
- Brand Architecture
- Brand Idea
- Brand Attributes Definition
- Naming Ideation
- Brand-line Definition
- Brand Identity
- Visual Design
- Social Media Marketing
- Commercial Printing
- Merch & Swag
- Internal & External Alignment
- Monthly Brand Consulting

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