We custom designed and custom manufactured thousands of custom displays for FUD, a large Hispanic consumer retail food brand (a sub-brand of BAR-S foods). The custom displays allowed a perfect fit for holding the limited-edition custom-sized traditional cooking guides, which we also printed.

We custom engineered and manufactured ultra-heavy duty merchandising displays for Manzanita Sol, a sub-brand of PEPSI. We worked with a structural engineer to ensure their structure remained strong and safe even with 300lb of product.

We custom manufactured oversized roof-hanging displays for VERO DULCES and CORONADO, sub-brands of Barcel, to help them accomplish their in-store promotion goals.

We custom designed and manufactured custom 6' standee displays for JARRITOS (a sub-brand of Novamex).

We custom manufactured hundreds of heavy-duty outdoor displays for SIGUE, a large Hispanic international remittances brand.

We custom designed and manufactured hundreds of custom displays for SILK, a large consumer retail food brand. SILK had attempted to source standard displays to meet their project needs, but to no avail. We manufactured custom displays to help them accomplish their activation goals.

We custom manufactured large standee cutout displays for SORIANA, one of the largest supermarket chains in Mexico, to help them accomplish their in-store promotion goals.

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